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Menstruation: Moon, Men and More

Menstruation: Moon, Men and More

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Despite being a natural occurrence, there is considerable shame, ignorance and stigma associated with menstruation. In this book, Nirmala Nayak—founding member of World of Women (WOW)— counters the misconceptions surrounding menstruation and celebrates the womb as a symbol of feminine power.

Menstruation: Moon, Men and More calls for a collective awakening to the reality of this phenomenon and also addresses the obstacles women face, especially in contemporary times. It inspires them to break free from negative societal attitudes and embrace their inherent power.

This book advocates for a holistic outlook towards menstruation and emphasizes the need to encourage men to actively engage in conversations on this topic, thereby fostering an environment of respect and understanding.

Addressing concerns relevant to women across all ages and stages of life, this book is a comprehensive resource for understanding menstrual health. Offering insights into individual body types, nutritional requirements and emotional well-being, the book leads women towards resilience, grace and selffulfilment.

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