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Memory Of Light

Memory Of Light

  • Author: Ruth Vanita
  • Publisher: Penguin
  • ISBN: 9780670093519
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Preparations for King George the Third’s fiftieth birthday gala are in full swing in Lucknow. As poets and performers vie to be part of the show, Chapla Bai, a dazzling courtesan from Kashi, briefly enters this competitive world, and sweeps the poet Nafis Bai off her feet. An irresistible passion takes root, expanding and contracting like a wave of light. Over two summers, aided by Nafis’s friends, the poets Insha and Rangin, and Sharad-himself in love with a man-exchange letters and verses, feeding each other the heady fruit of desire. Can their relationship survive the distances between cities and households?

Remembering, dreaming, conversing and singing, Nafis tries to fathom the mystery of another’s being.

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