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Many Sides Of Many Stories

Many Sides Of Many Stories

  • Author: Esther Syiem
  • Publisher: Writers Workshop
  • ISBN: 9789350451472
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Esther Syiem teaches in the Department of English at the North-Eastern Hill University, Shillong. She also writes in Khasi and has published a play entitled Ka Nam. Her book, The Oral Discourse in Khasi Folk Narrative is an important resource for understanding Khasi culture. Ka Jingϊamareh Kob ki Wah, is her retelling of a Khasi folktale that she has also translated into English, The Race of the Rivers. She is a member of the PLSI’s National Editorial Collective, founded by Professor Ganesh Devy, a grass-roots initiative to document the languages of India, and is the editor of the Meghalaya volume: People’s Linguistic Survey of India, Vol 19, Part II, The Languages of Meghalaya. She has also co-edited the Khasi translation of the book. Syiem is founder member of the Shillong Forum for English Studies.

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