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Makers Of Modern India (Penguin 35)

Makers Of Modern India (Penguin 35)

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Makers of Modern India is a detailed source for information about the country’s political traditions. The republic of India had a very tumultuous beginning and the author shows you how 19 political activists were instrumental in the evolution of this country. The author goes beyond a description of the people by including extracts of the speeches they have written. Each phase of the freedom movement and the following years of independent India are shown through the written works produced by these 19 individuals. In Makers of Modern India you will see caste, religion, colonialism, the economy language, gender, nationalism, democracy and secularism in a historical context. The book is a treat for those who are curious about the formation of the multifarious collection of people, ideas and religions in India. The author shows you how the lack of unison in the opinions of the makers of India complemented each other and resulted in the finished product called India.

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