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  • Author: Ali Smith
  • Publisher: Virago
  • ISBN: 9781860493171
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When we meet Amy Shone, she is a young parent struggling to raise Kate, a precocious eight-year-old. Amy is an enigma—a brilliant scholar who has forgotten how to read. She is estranged from her wealthy English parents and lives a nomadic life in Scotland, dragging Kate from one school to the next, barely scraping by.

And then there is Ash, a fiery Scottish actress who cannot shake her demons—chief among them an unrequited passion for Amy that has obsessed her ever since they met as teenagers.

Like is the story of two parallel lives that intersect briefly, then diverge. It is also a timeless evocation of adolescence and its agonizing anticipations, its contradictory yearnings for freedom and safety, its blind quest for mastery over pleasure and pain.

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