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Life, Laughs and Football

Life, Laughs and Football

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This book is inspired by the stories Danny and I have shared with each other about what life in football is really like: in the dressing room, in the commentary box, on the pitch and - with the appropriate pixellation - in the showers afterwards. What's it really like to play with messy? I wouldn't know, but I have starred alongside him in an advert for walkers Crisps. And, well, his performance was world-class. And what is a life in football really like? You won't learn much from the dull-as-dishwater post-match interviews - it's a world of secrets, superstitions, laughs and personalities, and let me tell you, half of it you won't believe. I've looked back at My playing days, from England to Leicester, everton to Barcelona, Tottenham to, er, nagoya grampus eight, and shared the chaotic behind-the-scenes secrets of match of the day - and Danny has chipped in with stories from a lifetime following the game as a fan. From Italia '90 to leicester's premier League fairy-tale, from Yellow cards to world Cup trophies (I've never been awarded either), you'll find it all here - everything you always wanted to know about football, but didn't realise that you did. Inspired by the no.1 podcast behind closed doors.

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