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Letters I Never Sent

Letters I Never Sent

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About the Author:
Trivarna Hariharan is a writer and keyboardist based in India. She is Editor in Chief at Inklette, Head Officer for Journalism at Redefy and Poetry Editor at the Corner Club Press. Her work has appeared in publications like The Sunflower Collective, Open Road Review, Random Sample Review, HIV Here and Now, The Criterion and Allegro.



He carried within him
some unbeknownst fallacies,
a muffled mind, a stifled love,
a heart that was about to freeze.

He carried inside him
dying embers of warmth,
a handful of sodden remnants,
and a few unbroken norms.

He ambled along the grave,
he dashed past the sidewalk,
the words that gushed inside him
never had the chance to talk.

He waited for countless hours,
but knew not what it was
that he awaited with so much zeal,
and that if at all it had a cause.

He let the summers freeze him,
and the winters singe,
and when the fall arrived,
he tried not to cringe.

He tried to paint a picture,
but failed to cohere his thoughts,
a muffled heart, a stifled love,
and a mind full of hows and whats.

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