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Lake Like A Mirror

Lake Like A Mirror

  • Author: Sok Fong Ho
  • Publisher: Granta
  • ISBN: 9781846276903
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Lake Like a Mirror is a scintillating exploration of the lives of women buffeted by powers beyond their control. Squeezing themselves between the gaps of rabid urbanisation, patriarchal structures and a theocratic government, these women find their lives twisted in disturbing ways. In precise and disquieting prose, ho sok Fong draws her readers into a richly atmospheric world of naked sleepwalker in a rehabilitation centre for wayward Muslims, mysterious wooden boxes, gossip in unlicensed hairdressers, hotels with amnesiac guests, and poetry classes with accidentally charged politics - a world that is peopled with the ghosts of unsaid words, unmanaged desires and uncertain statuses, surreal and utterly true.

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