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Koogai: The Owl

Koogai: The Owl

  • Author: Cho Dharman, Vasantha Surya
  • Publisher: Oxford University Press
  • ISBN: 9780199456734
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Koogai, the owl-
huddled in its hollow
with the sun overhead,
it flies free
when darkness descends

Bird of the night-
an abuse, a bad omen
attacked and shunned
by birds, by humans...

Strong, but unaware of
its immense power,
Koogai, the owl-
or wise?

Set in post-Independence Tamil Nadu's era of agrarian and industrial change, Koogai reflects the nuances of an authentic contemporary myth leavened with irony and fierce humour. Empowering themselves with the image of the owl, a totem of self-respect and hope, men and women break free of old caste taboos only to find themselves entangled in the doublespeak of an egalitarian rhetoric

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