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Kahlil Gibran's Little Book Of Wisdom

Kahlil Gibran's Little Book Of Wisdom

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Simple Wisdom for living a happy and fulfilling life from one of the most popular and profoundly inspirational writers of all time.

This is a collection of Gibran's insights on to live, what it means to live in solitude, yet within a community, and what gives life meaning, along with his often prophetic views on society, government, organised religion, wealth and commerce. Gibran's sensibilities feel contemporary, as he did not recognize any ultimate authority outside of the human soul. "It were wiser to speak less of god, whom we cannot understand and more of each other, whom we may understand".

This is essential Gibran, with 77 selections organised into 5 sections that ex[ound answers to the conundrums that each of us faces:

. Living a Wise Life. Community Wisdom

. Wise Exchange. Wisdom from Solitude

. Wisdom Beyond Words

This Inspirational gift Volume gentle guides readers through life's bigger issues: meaning and mortality, good and evil, towards discovering an authentic spiritual path. Suitable for all gift-giving occasions, this is a book that, inspires and informs.

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