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Journey Into The Past

Journey Into The Past

  • Author: Stefan Zweig, Anthea Bell
  • Publisher: Penguin
  • ISBN: 9781908968364
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Stefan's Zweig's posthumously-published Journey into the Past (Widerstand der Wirklichkeit) is a beautiful meditation on the effect of time on passion-one of the most intense and compelling works from a master of the novella form. Published by Pushkin Press with a cover designed by David Pearson and Clare Skeats as part of a new range of Stefan Zweig paperbacks. Kept away for nine years by the First World War Ludwig has finally returned home, reunited at last with the woman he had so passionately loved, and who had promised to wait for him. Previously divided by wealth and class, both are now married and much changed by their experiences. Confronted with an uncertain future, and still haunted by the past, they discover whether their love has survived hardships, betrayals, and the lapse of time. Zweig's long-lost final novella - recently discovered in manuscript form -is a poignant examination of the angst of nostalgia and the fragility of love.

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