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Jamini Roy’s Unbroken Lines

Jamini Roy’s Unbroken Lines

  • Author: Vinitha, Tanvi
  • Publisher: Art1st
  • ISBN: 9788194210931
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Young Jamini filled his eyes, his nose, his mouth with the fragrance of the land he grew. The colours and the lines swirled outside of him and whirled inside of him. He drew to make sense of an ever-changing world. Stop, said people in the family.
But Jamini always knew what he wanted to do.

Jamini Roy’s Unbroken Lines follows a young Jamini Roy as he navigates his artistic inclinations, and encourages children to embrace his world of vibrant colours, playful characters and intricate design.

The Art Exploration series familiarizes children with distinguished artists, their inspirations and events that influenced their styles as well as modern and contemporary art.

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