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Island Of Lost Shadows

Island Of Lost Shadows

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Island of Lost Shadows is a story of intrigue, nerve-wracking tension and suspense, raising questions relevant in the present-day context of terrorism and sedition in the guise of revolution and social change. Through the voices of Sivan, a firebrand revolutionary on the run, hiding in a labyrinthine island lost to the world, and Sakunthala whose life has become a never-ending search for her missing husband poet Sreenivasan and a myriad other sharply sketched characters, the author brings to life the troubled times of the Seventies when sadistic excesses were the norm. He also explores the human mind and its tendency for corruption and depravity. A compelling tale that keeps the readers engrossed...

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E. Santhosh Kumar / fiction / Indian / malayalam / P. N. Venugopal / translation /