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IPL And Inside Story: An Inside Story

IPL And Inside Story: An Inside Story

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IPL Cricket And Commerce: An Inside Story aims to give the reader an insight into the Indian Premier League, how it originated, and the processes that go on within it. The book chronicles how the IPL was incepted. It explains how it originated and the politics that were involved in the background. The book also attempts to explain how it became a success and to trace its path to becoming one of the most watched televised sports tournaments. The book sheds light on the character of Lalit Modi and shows how his unique mix of luck and ability to make intelligent decisions helped him to pull off the creation and execution of the Indian Premier League. The influence of the IPL on the institution of cricket in India and the after effects have also been covered in this book. The lives of Shane Warne and Lalit Modi, and how the IPL turned their situation around completely is explained in the book, as is the overnight transformation of the lives of small-time Indian cricketers who got their big break when they were given the chance to prove themselves by playing in the IPL. Interviews with some of these young players have also been included. The book describes the controversies surrounding the IPL as well, including the entire bidding process.

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