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Investing To Save The Planet

Investing To Save The Planet

  • Author: Alice Ross
  • Publisher: Penguin
  • ISBN: 9780241457238
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Your money, and how you invest it, could help solve the global climate crisis. In investing to save the planet, Alice Ross reveals why Green investing is an untapped opportunity for you to make a positive impact on the health of the planet and your portfolio. The world is changing. The climate crisis has given rise to a wave of companies that are developing cutting-edge, technological solutions to climate change; from improving energy efficiency to engineering alternative meat. These companies, part of an increasingly-popular investment segment collectively known as environmental, social and governance strategies (esg), are helping tackle our environmental challenges and reshaping the investment landscape. Urgent and indispensable, this investor's guide will provide you with the vital information you need to build your successful esg investment strategy to secure a positive future for you and the planet.

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