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Institutions That Shaped Modern India: ISRO

Institutions That Shaped Modern India: ISRO

  • Author: Ajay Lele
  • Publisher: Rupa
  • ISBN: 9789390356560
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An introduction to ISRO, the organization that took India to space.

The end of colonial rule was an important milestone worth celebrating, but what lay ahead was a long journey towards the making of modern India. The narrative of ‘modern India’ would be incomplete without the stories of institutions that helped shape India as we know it today.

This volume, part of a series on Institutions that Shaped Modern India, offers an in-depth introduction to one such institution—the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO). It tells the story of ISRO from its inception to present times. Capturing its history and its evolution, dotted with several achievements and some setbacks,  and offering deep insights into ISRO’s key projects—past, present and future—the book  is an ode to an institution that has been at the steering wheel of India’s journey into space and has played a seminal role in nation-building.

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