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Indogene: Stories of Indians Across the Globe

Indogene: Stories of Indians Across the Globe

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A taxi driver navigates a young tourist couple through the tumultuous terrain of his beloved Egypt, as the country grapples with its fast-changing realities. A veteran retraces the shift in his ideological journey along the 38th parallel in the Korean peninsula. A second-generation immigrant family in Uganda wrestles with uncertain times under a dictator who claims to commune with God. A film producer's wife contends with her husband's possible infidelity in the time of MeToo...

These, and an assortment of similarly diverse stories, zip you from country to country and continent to continent, on a whirlwind literary tour of the world. Inspired by the diversity of India, the book deftly brings together history, politics, law, and religion, to share compelling stories of Indians dealing with life, love, and loss away from the shores of their home country.

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