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Indica: A Deep Natural History Of The Indian Subcontinent

Indica: A Deep Natural History Of The Indian Subcontinent

  • Author: Pranay Lal
  • Publisher: Allen Lane
  • ISBN: 9788184007572
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Few places have been as influential as the Indian subcontinent in shaping the course of life on Earth. Yet its evolution has remained largely unchronicled. Indica: A Deep Natural History of the Indian Subcontinent fills this gap. From the oldest rocks, formed three billion years ago in Karnataka, to the arrival of our ancestors 50, 000 years ago on the banks of the Indus, the author meticulously sifts through wideranging scientific disciplines and through the layers of earth to tell us the story of India, filled with a variety of fierce reptiles, fantastic dinosaurs, gargantuan mammals and amazing plants. Beautifully produced in full colour, with a rare collection of images, illustrations and maps, Indica is full of fascinating, lesser-known facts. It shows us how every piece of rock and inch of soil is a virtual museum, and how, over billions of years, millions of spectacular creatures have reproduced, walked and lived over and under it.

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