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In The Name Of Mashouq

In The Name Of Mashouq

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“In the name of Mashouq” are the tears of a lover who has been separated from his beloved. The love that melts down from the throat, fills the heart and with blood reaches every inch of the body. The poems and the writing style in this anthology are greatly influenced by the teachings of Jalaal ud din Balkhi popularly known as Mowlaana Rumi. Although it is believed that Rumi belonged to the Naqshbandi order, his son – Sultan Veled and his followers developed a new Sufi order on the basis of his teachings called as the Mevelevi order. This order supported the swirling dance known as Sema and music from the Ney (flute) as a way to connect to God. Rufaiyy’ah and the Mevlevi order have always gone hand in hand. Both support the practice of poetry for God and His beloveds and dance in His name. The poems from “In the name of Mashouq” talk about the limitations and ends of love in this physical world and the infinity of it in the metaphysical. The poems are silent in their own sense and do not utter a word, still they answer a thousand questions. Every poem is a tale of silence and separation and the eternal love between creations and their creator. The poems are an invitation to the beloved to visit the lover once, so he can have a glimpse of his beauty. Ignoring the rewards of eternity and the life of heavens, the greatest reward for a lover is a reunion with his loved one. Until then he strives to find His reflection in the objects around him. The poem in this anthology is that struggle of a lover. The book not only contains poems for God, but the ones that are loved by God. For the lover of the beloved is also a beloved. The poems contain the purity of dissolving the will into the will of the beloveds. And at the end the book is just silence.

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