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In That Sense You Touched It: Unquiet Waters

In That Sense You Touched It: Unquiet Waters

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Si,si, me gusta, says the poet in the opening poem and the flavor is caught. She speaking of paella, but her poetry too says yes, yes to life and possesses to a rare degree, that quality praised by Keats-gusta.

Ketaki Kushari Dyson is a writer of the Indian diaspora, who writes extensively in Bangla and English. She has maintained her close links with the literary life of her native city and is regarded as a significant Bengali writer of her generation. She has published some 30 titles in a diversity of genres.

As a bilingual writer in English and Tamil, Lakshmi Kannan combines certain unique resources and is at the crossroads of cultural and aesthetic interaction. Her forte has been the lyrical narrative, intensely alive and sensuous. Her sixteen books include three collections of poems, fiction in Tamil and Translations.

In many of the poems in the present collection, water as a life giving element becomes a large, ruling metaphor that touches the lives of men and women in surprising ways. Other poems take up life in its ephemeral but luminous moments hovering over the environment, man-woman, mores or beliefs that provoke questioning.

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