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In Bon Bibi's Forest

In Bon Bibi's Forest

  • Author: Sandhya Rao
  • Publisher: Tulika
  • ISBN: 9788181469250
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The quiet villages of Sundarban are terrorised by a monster with wild eyes, sharp teeth, striped skin and pointed nails — Dokkhin Rai! Until finally, Bon Bibi, protector of the forests and people asks him a simple question: Why do you do this? The answer to this question is central to the age-old theme of human-animal harmony that has inspired many stories, including this one. Set in a lesser known part of Bengal, the lush and mysterious Sundarban, the textured narrative and dramatic, detailed illustrations evoke the distinct culture of the place — the natural confluence of Hindu and Muslim mythologies, and the rhythm and concerns of everyday life at the edge of a forest.

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