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Immoderate Men: Stories

Immoderate Men: Stories

  • Author: Shikhandin
  • Publisher: Speaking Tiger
  • ISBN: 9789385755965
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A grandfather sits on a park bench, ruminating upon the beauty of his daughter-in-law and the perfidy of his son who has cast him out of their lives. Business tycoon Dev has been fixated upon Priti, his college mate, all his life, but it is only after his death, after a visit to Dev’s lawyers, that Priti understands why he left her a room full of presents. Manish comes home to his wife of many decades, hoping to surprise her with a game from their youth, but what he sees happening on their marital bed shakes his very foundations. And a man joins five friends in a teashop with a story about the delicate, delectable flesh of the Grand Canyon pygmy ape and turns their world upside down.

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