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Humr An-Na'am

Humr An-Na'am

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Humr An-Na'am' - the Arabic term for the finest camel - reclaims the desert s forgotten and neglected titan. Despite thousands of years of loyal service to desert dwellers, the camel has suffered as more and more cities have sprung up all over the once bare Arabian Peninsula. But thanks to the initiative of the late His Highness Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, camels have been restored to their position at the heart of the region s ethnographic and historical identity. Featuring stunning photography by Wouter Kingma, 'Humr An-Na'am,Treasure of the Desert', explores the growth of the camel industry, particularly camel racing, which has preserved the sacred status of the animal.

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Aditi Belame Kumar / international / nonfiction / places /