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How We Eat: The Brave New World Of Food And Drink

How We Eat: The Brave New World Of Food And Drink

  • Author: Paco Underhill
  • Publisher: Simon & Schuster
  • ISBN: 9781982127114
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How we produce, get, and consume our food is undergoing a total transformation. Market researcher and bestselling author Paco Underhill- hailed by the San Francisco Chronicles as a " Sherlock Holmes for retailers"-details in his book where our eating and drinking lives are heading.

     With an upbeat, witty approach, How We Eat reveals the future of food in surprising ways. Go to the heart of New York City, where a popular farmers market signifies how the city is getting countrified. Explore how the dreaded supermarket parking lot is poised to become the hub of innovation for the future of grocery stores, as a place to grow their own food and host community events.

     Paco Underhill is the expert behind some of the most prominent brands and market trends and the author of multiple highly acclaimed books, including Why We Buy. In How We Eat, he shows how food intersects with every major battle we face today, from political and environmental to economic and racial, and invites you to the market to discover more. 

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