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How To Raise A Feminist Son: A Memoir And Manifesto

How To Raise A Feminist Son: A Memoir And Manifesto

  • Author: Sonora Jha
  • Publisher: Penguin
  • ISBN: 9780143452454
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How to Raise a Feminist Son is a love story that will resonate with feminists who hope to change the world, one kind boy at a time. From teaching consent to counteracting problematic messages from the media, well-meaning family, and the culture at large, we have big work to do when it comes to our boys. This empowering book offers much-needed insight and actionable advice. It's also a beautifully written and deeply personal story of struggling, failing, and eventually succeeding at raising a feminist son.

Informed by the author's work as a professor of journalism specializing in social-justice movements and social media, as well as by conversations with psychologists, experts, and other parents and boys, this book follows one mother's journey to raise a feminist son as a single parent. Through stories from her own life and wide-ranging research, Sonora Jha shows us all how to be better feminists and better teachers of the next generation of men in this electrifying tour de force.

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