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How To Love Mathematical Objects

How To Love Mathematical Objects

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Draw a line segment. Name one end Buttercup and the other Yes-In-Deedy.
Draw another line segment. Draw it anywhere.
Take the first line segment to a queer poetry reading or an exhibition of straight art. Be respectful of the line’s space. Be woke.
Draw two rhombuses. Make them fight each other. Threaten them with bodily harm if they ever stop.
Measure the distance between the second line segment and the one you took to the queer poetry reading or exhibition of straight art. Divide the distance by two.
Share this distance with a loved one or someone you wish was a loved one.
Anticipate the wants and needs of the very first line segment.
Buy it things.
Call it by a word that denotes multiples of a fruit, like peaches, bananas or oranges.
Watch it sleep.

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