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How The One-Armed Sister Sweeps Her House

How The One-Armed Sister Sweeps Her House

  • Author: Cherie Jones
  • Publisher: Tinder Press
  • ISBN: 9781472268785
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In Baxter Beach, Barbados, moneyed ex-pats clash with the locals who often end up serving them: braiding their hair, minding their children, and selling them drugs. Lala lives on the beach with her husband, Adan, a petty criminal with endless charisma whose thwarted burglary of one of the Baxter Beach mansions sets off a chain of events with terrible consequences. A gunshot no one was meant to witness. A new mother whose baby is found lifeless on the beach. A woman torn between two worlds and incapacitated by grief. And two men driven by desperation and greed who attempt a crime that will risk their freedom -- and their lives.


Due to slight browning of the edges, we are selling the book at a discount.

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