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How Deepak Parekh Grew HDFC Group Exponentially

How Deepak Parekh Grew HDFC Group Exponentially

  • Author: R Gopalakrishnan, Vidyut Lata Dhir
  • Publisher: Rupa
  • ISBN: 9789390547104
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The 1970s in India were dark times of high tax slabs, land sharks and black money. When loans were a last resort meant for emergencies and buying a house was beyond aspiration, possible only at retirement, nobody was willing to bet on the repayment capacity of the ignored middle class, except one man. This invisible Class went on to become the primary potential customer base for housing development finance Corporation (HDFC). the rest as they say is history. While HDFC was Hasmukh thakordas Parekh’s brainchild, it was his nephew Deepak parents who shaped it. Parekh left a comfortable overseas job with a plum salary and exclusive perks to join his uncles mortgage company at a 50 per cent pay cut. He nurtured HDFC to become India’s largest and cleanest financial conglomerate—not just in housing finance, but later in Banking, asset management and Insurance too.

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