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Homeward: Towards a Poetics of Space

Homeward: Towards a Poetics of Space

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Homewards is a multi-genre anthology that challenges presumptions of home, the idea of homeland and the nation. Writing about home, whether one’s own, or even imagining it in some form or the other is an act of confronting one’s vulnerability. Homes, whether metaphoric or real, are necessarily messy worlds that collide and telescope into each other. This collision is inevitable, as the geographical boundaries of home often intersect and overlap. This anthology upends the idea of home as a unit of stability, familiarity and familiality emptying out its significance as a place of nostalgic refuge that one can always return to. The ostensibly common universal idea of home is unhinged by conditions of violence that underpin relations. The anthology illuminates how the political climate as well as geographical sites transform homes. How can we re-imagine home when its significance as a space and place of refuge loses meaning? Homewards engages with the boundaries and constraints imposed by messy cartographies and attempts to evoke a poetics of space through the act of writing.

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