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  • Author: Nirmal Pulickal, Jehan Zachary
  • Publisher: Puffin
  • ISBN: 9780143458487
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Identical stood the two Taj Mahals, but the black one hid a sinister secret.

Buried in the sands of time is an urban legend-there was once another grand tomb as beautiful and as magnificent as its white twin, the Black Taj Mahal. But it hid a dark secret: the sixty-four chopped hands that built the White Taj.

Centuries later, during the British era, twelve-year-old Nuru befriends a queen from the erstwhile Mughal courts. Mumtaz appears and disappears as she pleases but warns of a prophecy. The revival of the pisacha-a ghoulish union of the sixty-four severed hands that built the White Taj Mahal.

Everyone's end is near and there is only one way to defeat this evil-find the fabled Black Taj Mahal.

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