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Gods Of War

Gods Of War

  • Author: Ashok Banker
  • Publisher: Penguin
  • ISBN: 9780143102045
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Santosh—a ten-year-old from a mumbai slum with a passion for cricket, bollywood, and ganpati baapa; salim—a socialist trader from birmingham and witness to the aftermath of the unjust ‘war on terror’; ruth—a lesbian ship-welder from new jersey whose fierce right-wing patriotism cost her the love of her life; akechi—a rakish, self-obsessed manga star with a fondness for high living and beautiful gaijin women; and yoshi—akechi’s twin and fellow mangaka, a hermaphrodite consumed by a guilty secret about their japanese father and chinese mother can this wildly unlikely quintet succeed in their seemingly impossible mission of travelling to the end of time and space to bring peace to the world? can they overcome their cultural, racial, religious and other differences and find a way to end the apocalyptic war of wars that threatens not only humanity, but all creation, with ultimate destruction?

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