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Giant Hearts Travels in the World of Elephants

Giant Hearts Travels in the World of Elephants

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Elephants are sentient, emotional beings who, perhaps, have more “humanity” than humans. They still hold on to some of the vanishing virtues of the human race, such as patience—reflected in their unhurried pace; humility—as evident in their reputation of being “gentle giants”; and compassion—shown in their care for fellow herd members.
Giant Hearts: Travels in the World of Elephants takes us into the world of the largest land animal on our planet. In this anthology, Jean-Philippe Puyravaud and Priya Davidar have brought writers— eminent scientists, bestselling authors, veterinary doctors, photographers and artists—who are bound by a common affection for elephants and their desire to halt their extinction. Through articles comprising both personal anecdotes and in-depth research, they bring out the need to adopt a gentler path towards elephants. The book also reminds us that despite the superb advances of science, we still know little about elephants; for instance their curiosity for colours and shapes, as evidenced by the drawings made by elephants that have been reproduced in this book.
Giant Hearts makes a fervent plea to humans to understand and appreciate other species and reverse the present trend of animal extinction.

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