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Ghazals: Translations Of Classic Urdu Poetry

Ghazals: Translations Of Classic Urdu Poetry

  • Author: Mir Taqi Mir, Shamsur Rahman Faruqi
  • Publisher: Harvard University Press
  • ISBN: 9780674270732
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The prolific Mir Taqi Mir (1723-1810), widely regarded as the most accomplished poet in Urdu, composed his ghazals--a poetic form of rhyming couplets in a distinctive Indian style arising from the Persian ghazal tradition. Here, the lover and beloved live in a world of extremes: the outsider is the hero, prosperity is poverty, and death would be preferable to the indifference of the beloved. Ghazals offers a comprehensive collection of Mir's finest work, translated by a renowned expert on Urdu poetry. 

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