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Gender Talk - Big Hero Size Zero

Gender Talk - Big Hero Size Zero

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BIG HERO. SIZE ZERO. Two popular media stereotypes of the male and female bodies beneath which lie biases so ingrained that we often miss them. As issues related to gender hit the news hotspots more and more, there are certainly more questions. About identities, and the role of gender in families, in society, in dress and appearance. About attraction, morality, gender based violenceÉ But most answers are confused, covered by a smog of stereotype and convention.

In Gender Talk - Big Hero, Size Zero two young writers, Anusha Hariharan and Sowmya Rajendran, talk directly to teens about this complex subject with empathy and in a language they would understand. Uncovering truths, untruths, semi-truths and myths, using everyday examples as well as references to popular media, the book explores what it means socially and culturally to belong to a certain gender. Running alongside is Niveditha Subramaniam's visual commentary that prods and provokes, even as it makes you laugh out loud!

Teenagers conform but also rebel, and a book that encourages them to think about what influences their thought and behaviour related to gender, their own and that of others, helps them speak out and question with better information. Being aware of the issues and understanding them can be a first sure step towards

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