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Following a Prayer

Following a Prayer

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A BEAUTIFUL STORY ABOUT RECLAIMING VOICE, AGENCY AND FAITH. Set in rural Karnataka, Following a Prayer tells the story of three young, inquisitive girls and the one day that changes their lives forever. Twelve-year-old Kalpana goes missing one morning before school. When she returns, she has gone silent. Nothing and nobody can get her to speak. What happened in those three days that she went missing? What prevents her from communicating with her parents and sister except through notes and scribbles? And why does her grandmother’s presence provoke such a strong reaction from her? As the village gets ready to celebrate the annual Diwali festival, Kalpana’s plight has all eyes on her and her family. Will she finally speak? If she does, what truths will she reveal, and to what end? Here is a novel that defies expectations to sweep to a stunning end.

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