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Flying Too High

Flying Too High

  • Author: Kerry Greenwood
  • Publisher: Constable & Robinson
  • ISBN: 9781780339528
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Phryne Fisher has her hands full in this, her second adventure. And just when we think she s merely a brilliant, daring, sexy woman, Phyrne demonstrates other skills, including flying an airplane and doing her own stunts! Phryne takes on a fresh case at the pleading of a hysterical woman who fears her hot-headed son is about to murder his equally hot-headed father. Phryne, bold as we love her to be, first upstages the son in his own airplane at his Sky-High Flying School, then promptly confronts him about his mother s alarm. To her dismay, however, the father is soon killed and the son taken off to jail.

Then a young girl is kidnapped, and Phryne who will never leave anyone in danger, let alone a child goes off to the rescue. Engaging the help of Bert and Cec, the always cooperative Detective-Inspector Robinson, and her old flying chum Bunji Ross, Phryne comes up with a scheme too clever to be anyone else s, and in her typical fashion saves the day, with plenty of good food and hot tea all around.

Meanwhile, Phryne moves into her new home at 221B, The Esplanade, firmly establishes Dot as her Watson, and adds two more of our favorite characters, Mr. and Mrs. Butler, to the cast.

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