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Flying Blind: India's Quest For Global Leadership

Flying Blind: India's Quest For Global Leadership

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In recent years, India has repeatedly expressed its ambitions of becoming a global power - or 'jagat guru'. Yet, many believe that India's economic troubles at home are far more pressing and that foreign policy aspirations can wait. But is a proactive foreign policy really a 'luxury' for India, to be postponed until the economy develops; or is it, in fact, a prerequisite for economic growth in a globalized world? Why should the average Indian citizen care about foreign policy - and how can a proactive foreign policy help Indians become more prosperous? Scanning our ever-changing world from East to West, and defining India's national interests and needs, Mohamed Zeeshan passionately argues that India needs a more coherent strategy for its relations with the outside world. Through travels and debates across continents, Zeeshan lays out a vision for how India can champion the cause of global good.

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