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Finding The Raga: An Improvisation On Indian Music

Finding The Raga: An Improvisation On Indian Music

  • Author: Amit Chaudhuri
  • Publisher: Hamish Hamilton
  • ISBN: 9780670089925
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By turns essay, memoir and cultural study, Finding the Raga is Amit Chaudhuri's singular account of his discovery of, and enduring passion for, North Indian music: an ancient, evolving tradition whose principles and practices will alter the reader's notion of what music might - and can - be. Tracing the music's development, Finding the Raga dwells on its most distinctive and mysterious characteristics: its extraordinary approach to time, language and silence; its embrace of confoundment, and its ethos of evocation over representation. The result is a strange gift of a book, for musicians and music lovers, and for any creative mind in search of diverse and transforming inspiration.

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