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Feast Days

Feast Days

  • Author: Ian Mackenzie
  • Publisher: Fourth Estate
  • ISBN: 9780008298548
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FEAST DAYS is a snapshot of the life of an expatriate named Emma, who has moved to São Paulo just as massive riots against the country's growing economic inequality are breaking out across the country. Emma moved to Brazil for her husband's career in finance, with no job prospects of her own, a weak grasp of the language, and a deep ambivalence about having a child. Emma's early days in São Paulo are dominated by inertia; she spends her time parsing the Latin roots of words, reading, watching television, eating at expensive restaurants, half-heartedly tutoring wealthy Brazilians in English.

But everything changes when Emma begins volunteering at a local church to assist Haitian and Syrian refugees and finds herself amidst the riots, unable to resist the tug of the country's rising political and social unrest.

As the country seems to move toward a point of possible collapse, so does Emma's marriage, as she and her husband realize that their beliefs about each other and their place in the world are growing increasingly distant.

With profound wisdom and humor, Mackenzie has written a sharply observed depiction of the urban upper classes, marriage, and how easily our belief systems can collapse around us.

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