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EWS: The Quota To End All Quotas

EWS: The Quota To End All Quotas

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Reservations for the excluded majority in India began with SC/STs and followed by OBCs. They enabled increasing numbers of Bahujans to enter public institutions, despite strident abusive opposition. Now EWS, the counter-revolution is here. Will it end all other quotas? This book is a powerful collection of views and analyses of Bahujan political leaders, lawyers, researchers, writers, activists like: Dr. Suresh Mane, Dr. Thol. Thirumavalavan, Prof N Sukumar, Dr. Sthabir Khora, Dr. Ayaz Ahmad, Dr. Yogesh Pratap Singh, James Michael, Bobby Kunhu, Nidhin Donald, Rajanikanta Gochhayat, Omprakash Mahato, Jitendra Suna, Sundeep Pattem, Naaz Khair, Pradeep Dhobley, Abhishek Juneja, Naren Bedide (Kuffir): the book has their articulations, in the form of articles, papers, interviews, art etc.

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