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Everyday Communalism

Everyday Communalism

  • Author: Sudha Pai, Sajjan Kumar
  • Publisher: Oxford University Press
  • ISBN: 9780199466290
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Everyday Communalism not only attempts to explore the anatomy of a Hindu–Muslim riot and its aftermath, but also examines the inner workings that enable deep-seated polarization between communities. Pai and Kumar show that frequent, low-intensity communal clashes pegged on routine everyday issues and resources help establish a permanent anti-Muslim prejudice among Hindus legitimizing majoritarian rule in the eyes of an increasingly polarized, intolerant and entitled majority community of Hindus. Uttar Pradesh’s rising cultural aspirations; economic anxieties to move away from its traditionally backward status; a deep caste-marked agrarian crisis; and sharp inequalities and acute poverty further play into the making a new post-Ayodhya phase of Hindutva politics.

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