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Elephantum Misophantum

Elephantum Misophantum

  • Author: Vinoy Thomas, Nandakumar K
  • Publisher: Eka
  • ISBN: 9789357764599
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Lightning Tusker is tranquilised and corralled with the help of Dr Tharappan. This is no ordinary elephant; hes the embodiment of 'Elephantam, the very essence of all that is good in the universe. His captors are filled with its nemesis, the dark energy known as 'Misophantam. It permeates men like Gunner Chandy who had killed Lightning Tuskers father, Peacock Plum, for his tusks the colour of peacock feathers.. Granny Elephant knows this. She also knows how the universe originated: the tussle between Elephantam and Misophantam, good and evil, how they crashed into one another, causing the Big Bang

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children / fiction / indian / malayalam / Nandakumar K. / translation / Vinoy Thomas /