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Ela's Unfinished Business

Ela's Unfinished Business

  • Author: Gayatri
  • Publisher: HarperCollins
  • ISBN: 9789356993037
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On the surface, Beri Shola appears to be a quiet, charming hill town dotted with boarding schools and tourist traps. Like many such remnants of the colonial Raj across India, it is steeped in history and eccentric traditions. Its locals are a hodgepodge from across the country that Beri Shola accepts as its own. Piu, a forty-something therapist with a penchant for magazine quizzes, has left her old life behind to set up practice here. Sure, business isn't booming, but she has a variety of patients and an 'it's complicated' love life that keep her suitably busy. Then, a week before the much-anticipated annual flower show, beautiful and well-connected Rose is murdered and a new patient, Ela, stumbles into Piu's office, certain that she's murdered someone. And life in Beri Shola begins to unravel.

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