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Eating The Sun

Eating The Sun

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Our universe is full of wonderful mystery. Many of us go through life without ever really knowing quite why we have seasons, without discovering why the moon never leaves us. If we don't go looking, we may never realize the precise angle at which the Earth is tilted, may never glance at the sky and recognise the clouds by name. As our civilization whirls faster than ever, there is comfort and amazement to be found in knowing how and why. This book is filled with those moments of awe and delight, the beautiful clarity that comes with knowing why the trees never forget to blossom and why our orbit around the sun is slightly elliptical rather than perfectly circular, accompanied by whimsical illustrations infused with every bit of this magic. Delicately existential in a way that makes you pause and think and gasp in wonder, Eating The Sun is an accessible, beautiful book for people of any age, from anywhere in the world (or beyond).

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