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Dogri Short Stories Today

Dogri Short Stories Today

  • Author: Lalit Mangotra, Suman K. Sharma
  • Publisher: Sahitya Akademi
  • ISBN: 9788126047475
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Like any other short fiction in Indic languages today, the Dogri short story too attempts to scan the absurdities of life. There is the horror of a midnight knock in the terror-infested (Midnight's Knock at the Door by Manoj), the tragicomedy of an elderly man who fails to recall at the station where he wants to go (Memory by Chhatrapal) and the compulsion of a mother to let her mentally challenged son die untreated because the poor fellow is unable to cope with life's harsh realities (A Mother's Compassion by Shakuntala Birpuri). Other stories like Shiv Mehta's The Border, O.P. Sharma Vidyarthi's The Red-Throated Sparrow and Chaman Panthi's A Noose Undone bring to the e reader the bitter-sweet-tangy flavour of the Dogra life.

Dogri Short Stories Todays is a creditable attempt by noted Dogri author Lalit Mangotra to put together some of the best in the contemporary short fiction in that language.

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