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Disaibon Hul

Disaibon Hul

  • Author: Ruby Hembrom, Saheb Ram Tudu
  • Publisher: Adivaani
  • ISBN: 9788192554181
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The Hul was a valiant effort of the Santal people to free themselves from the oppressive  powers of the landlords. Moneylenders and the British crown. More than 150 years after the epic struggle of our warriors led by Sido and Kanhu  Murmu, we want to honor their sacrifice by relating the story of their gallantry to our children. A lot has changed since 1855, yet we are not the masters of our lives and destinies. Remembering the Hullabaloos will  Help us engage with our past and reinterpret its meaning for our present and the future. It's up to us to keep the spirit of the rebellion and its relevance alive!

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