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Dinosaurs: And Other Prehistoric Creatures

Dinosaurs: And Other Prehistoric Creatures

  • Author: Matt Sewell
  • Publisher: Pavilion
  • ISBN: 9781843653509
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A roaringly brilliant, colourful and funny large-format book all about dinosaurs from the talented wildlife illustrator and bestselling author, Matt Sewell

Meet the huge Diplodocus, with a tail it could crack like a whip, the fearsome Utahraptor with claws as big as this book (pretty big!), and the spiked and armoured dinosaur known as the ‘horned devil from the river of death’.

Using the latest research, these dinosaurs are shown as you’ve never seen them before. Armour-plated, razor-clawed, brightly-coloured or magnificently-feathered, these beasts of land, sea and air are truly awe-inspiring.

Do you dare to enter?

A must-have book for dinosaur fans of all ages.

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