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Devil's Daughter

Devil's Daughter

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On the eve of her eighteenth birthday, Vidhie Mukerjea returned home from school, excited to celebrate with friends and family. Only to walk into a house filled with cops. She watched on as her mother was arrested for an unspeakable crime. Four months later, her father was locked up as well.

As Vidhie grappled with her new reality, the media ruthlessly covered the case and dissected her every move. She was portrayed as a devil’s child by society, the press and—ultimately—it was how she began to view herself.

Where does an eighteen-year-old me go from here, she wondered. Where does my family go from here?

Devil’s Daughter is the brutally frank memoir of an isolated, rebellious young woman and her journey towards overcoming the blame and shame cast upon her. And how she was able to cultivate a profound appreciation for the beauty this world has to offer—in the face of an ugliness no one should know.

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