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Deep Wood Trance

Deep Wood Trance

  • Author: V. Shruti Devi
  • Publisher: Writers Workshop
  • ISBN: 9789350451687
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Deep Wood Trance is a jugglery of an individual’s existential quest, and examinations of ideas rooted in environmentalism, from the world of thought and science fiction on the one hand, and of earlier writings tossed into a connecting crucible on the other, eventually to be garnished, or iced, by the book’s nomenclature more than a decade after its final words having been written. This, in a sentence, is the history of the writing of this book.

The over-arching 2005 narrative drew into the story some of my selected writings from my teenage, college-going and young-adult years, which lay scribbled as inscriptions in a diary, as a story that was yet to be completed. Eleven years later, I was convinced that that this book was, indeed, complete (albeit with possible sequels that one might plan to glean from the rest of one’s written collections), and, in 2016, I entitled it Deep Wood Trance, put it into the form of a manuscript, and proceeded to go ahead with a publishing plan.

The work of prose now in the reader’s hands assimilates a variety of styles of communication, from blank verse, to pulp fiction, to writing for young adults, to essays, to lyrical fragments.

Depending on what captures one’s imagination, as it were, one’s awareness might wish to wander into areas that urge us to look deeper into the worlds of scientific experimentation; the high sciences and yoga; the system of education; spirituality; the outdoors, and how social and physical structures impact individuals; equity and sustainable development; and ways forward for the planet and beyond, within and without. These are thrown out as fine, gossamer-like loose nets of fleeting thought, without presuming to appropriate levels of thought-detail from one’s fellow-humans (or, for that matter, any other readers that might exist)

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