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Dark Satellites

Dark Satellites

  • Author: Clemens Meyer, Katy Derbyshire
  • Publisher: Fitzcarraldo Editions
  • ISBN: 9781913097134
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International booker-longlisted author Clemens Meyer returns with dark satellites, a striking collection of stories about marginal characters in contemporary Germany. A train driver's life is upended when he hits a laughing man on the tracks on his night shift; a lonely train cleaner makes friends with a Hairdresser in the train station bar; and a young man, unable to return to his home after a break-in, wanders the city in a state of increasing unrest. From the home to places of work, Meyer transforms the territories of our everyday lives into sites of rupture and connection. Unsentimental and yet deeply moving, dark satellites is a collection of stories from our time, as dark as the world, as beautiful as the brightest of hopes.

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